PGN: 現金配当6%と株配当6%決定

PGN Plastic Additives JSC は現金配当6%と株配当6%を今年第1四半期中に行うことを決定した。


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NQ HĐQT Thông qua phương án phát hành cổ phiếu trả cổ tức




プラスチック添加剤(PGN)は、チャーター資本を増やすために330万株を発行し、既存の株主に165万株、戦略的株主に165万株を10,000 VND /株の価格で提供しました。選択された戦略的投資家のリストには7人の個人がいます。株式市場では、2020年12月上旬から現在に至るまでPGNが急上昇しており、現在は1株あたり約2万ドンで取引されています。

Object moved




PGN: Board Resolution

On 06 Jan 2021, Plastic Additives JSC announced the Resolution No.0601/2021/NQ/HDQT-PGN about the share issue for dividend payment for outstanding shareholders as follows:

Article 1: Approving dividend payment 2020 as follow:

  • Cash dividend payment rate: 6%/share
  • Stock dividend payment rate: 6%/share

Article 2: Approving share issue plan to pay dividend to outstanding shareholders

1 Name of share Share of Plastic Additives JSC
2 Type of share Common share
3 Par value VND 10,000
4 Number of shares issued 198,000 shares
5 Expected issue price VND 10,000
6 Total charter capital expected to be issued VND 1,980,000,000
7 Issue method Exercise
8 Objects for issue Outstanding shares based on the list of shares closed by the Vietnam Securities Depository at the last registration date are entitled to receive dividends in shares
9 Issue rate 1:0,06 (at the time of closing the list of shareholders, each shareholder holding 100 shares is entitled to 100 rights to receive dividends, 100 rights to receive 6 additional shares)
10 Capital resource Accumulated undistributed after tax profit based on the Audit of Financial Statements 2019 (on 31 Dec 2019)
11 Method of handling the fractional shares The number of shares divided to outstanding shareholders will be rounded down to the unit. The decimal (if any) will be cancelled
12 Plan to use capital from the issue Additional capital for the operation
13 Expected issue time Q1/2021 (after being approved by State Security Commission of Vietnam – SSC)
14 Securities depository and additional listed shares The number of additional shares issued in the share issue will be registered for additional listing at Hanoi Stock Exchange and additional deposit at Securities Depository Centers after the end of the share issue


Article 3: Amending the provision about charter capital in the Company’s Charter and Enterprise Registration Certificate

Article 4: Registering additional listing at Hanoi Stock Exchange and register additional at Securities Depository Centers

Article 5: Execution provisions

This effective date is when this resolution signed.

The members of Board of Directors and related staffs of the Company are responsible for the implementation of this resolution.



Phụ Gia Nhựa (PGN) trả cổ tức 6% bằng tiền và 6% bằng cổ phiếu
Ngày 26/2 tới đây, CTCP Phụ Gia Nhựa (PGN – sàn HNX) sẽ chốt danh sách cổ đông trả cổ tức năm 2019 bằng tiền và bằng cổ ...

2月26日、Plastic Additives Joint Stock Company(PGN- HNX)は、2019年の配当金を現金と株式で支払うために、株主リストを閉鎖します。

最近、1月29日、Plastic Additivesは株主リストを閉鎖し、既存の株主に165万株、比率2:1、発行価格10,000 VND /株の株式を発行しました。